Wish [SOLVED] AVD Tablets Templates


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I have been searching in the forum but it looks that no one still asked for this.
What about the idea of adding even some Tablets Templates to the AVD Manager?
7, 8 and 10 Inches.
Or maybe just 8 and 10 Inches.
Could it be a good idea to open a Poll on this request?


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The available sizes depend on the skins that are included in Android SDK.

If you like you can play with it by downloading B4A Sdk Manager source code. There is a text file included which maps the screen sizes to the the skins.

If I remember correctly there are no skins for 8 inch devices. Might be for 7 inch.


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Checking the source it's already available the 10 Inches Tablet Template.
For some reason it was not visible to me.
After reinstalling it came out.
So I made a WISH already realized. :p