[SOLVED] B4XPages - Android to iOS Conversion


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Hi there

We need someone good with serious iOS development skills and experience. The app is working for android using B4XPages. It just needs to be converted to iOS.

This is what the android version is using...

1. Firebase Subscriptions + Notifications (We are using StartServiceAt to ensure that a permanent notification is running of the app so that the app received FB messages)
2. JRDC communication (handler in a b4j webserver)
3. SQLite (Modified DBUtils)
3. Hexagon Menu
4. SD_TextBox
5. SD_Combo (customized class for combo boxes based on SD_TextBox
6. CustomListview
7. Wobble Menu
8. CSBuilder
9. Scan OCR (CameraExClass)
10. Call Number from Device
11. Runtime Permissions
12. Play sound file
13. RequestDrawnOverPermissions
14. The app has 2 services, a starter service and the FB messaging service.
15. In some android devices, notification counters are shown on the app widget icon on device.
16. The app is spread over 15 code and class modules and services.
17. Google Maps (optional - draw markers as and when, polylines and polygons, routes etc)
18. The provided layouts for Android should offer the same feel and look on iOS, i.e. the apps should look and work in a similar fashion.
19. Uses B4xViews
20. Uses SwiftButton

This is the library as they stand as of today..


If interested please pm you with [B4XPages - Android to iOS Conversion] as your subject to mbanga.anele@gmail.com.

Timelines would be an advantage if one can indicate how long it will take. Please no chance takers.

You will be expected to sign a NDA before and after the project.

I thank you.

PS: For clarity seeking questions, my line is +27 81 736 6739, also available on whatsapp.