iOS Question [ Solved ] Cant save photos to gallery

Sasuke Sama

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Hi im trying to save a photo to gallery using the iphone lib but im getting the error

Signal - 6
Stack Trace: (
    "0   SnoAnime             SignalHandler + 120",
    "1   libsystem_platform.dylib            0x000000019be699e0 <redacted> + 40",
    "2   libsystem_kernel.dylib              0x000000019bdeb80c <redacted> + 100",
    "3   libsystem_kernel.dylib              0x000000019bdeb83c fcntl + 0",
    "4   TCC                  <redacted> + 0",
    "5   TCC                  <redacted> + 0",
    "6   TCC                  <redacted> + 276",
    "7   libxpc.dylib         <redacted> + 60",
    "8   libxpc.dylib         <redacted> + 88",
    "9   libdispatch.dylib    <redacted> + 16"
i aleady add the
#PlistExtra: <key>NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription</key><string>This app needs access to photos.</string>
and using this to save

Thank you.
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Sasuke Sama

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Works fine here. Tested on iOS 12.

Try to also add this key: NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription
I have add the key as i mentioned above and running the latest ios 12
But im not sure what that error is
Also when i start the app it doesn't asking me that the app will need to access my photos

Sasuke Sama

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On both debug and releases the message not showing
I also tried a clean install but still the same