Other [SOLVED] Debugger: how to get long string variable values to clipboard?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Lee Gillie CCP, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Lee Gillie CCP

    Lee Gillie CCP Active Member Licensed User

    I am struggling a bit with JSON serializers/deserializers between my web API server and the mobile app. I have a bench project in VB.NET to experiment with deserialization from static string values. I would like to be able to paste a string produced in B4A mobile app to the VB.NET bench project (i.e. not send it over the wire). But I find long strings produced in B4A are always shown with trailing ellipses after a point. If you display, hover, or "copy value to clipboard", the string is always truncated. I can not find a way to see it all within the debugger.

    My question is: While in the debugger is there any way to see long string values. My goal is to get that long string in the clipboard for study outside of the debugger. My feeling is that it should be a setting/option of the debugger to truncate, and if enabled, how much to show.
  2. Lee Gillie CCP

    Lee Gillie CCP Active Member Licensed User

    I think I found a way to deal with this. I add this code at the test point to see what is in the string variable "t".

    Dim t As String = jsn.ToString()
    Dim Message As Email
        Message.Subject = 
    "Test data"
        Message.Body = t
    Seems to come through with the entire text in the message body.
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