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Hello (sorry for my english)

I have to introduce myself for you to have a context: I'm from Colombia and we're not used to use things free and then donate, we buy it and use it or if it's free just enjoy it LOL

BUT B4A is not just an amazing IDE: its forum is so fu***** crazy! Everything what I need its already there or if its not, just ask and you'll get the answer (and usually you get more than you asked for!!!)

So, if we do money with B4A and we have an amazing support, what its correct is to give something back...

Would you mind, please, giving me an advice?



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Erel made it simpler, see

Further, if you feel grateful to any member who helped you, then you can also donate to him/her.


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José J. Aguilar

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Hi manuel_g:

Mother's wisdom is always a good reference.

Notice that not everybody or every country have the same economy, so one thing can be done is donate little by little.
If you think 20$, (or 40$ or 60$) is a right price, you can donate 10$ one month, 5$ two months later, ....
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