Beta [solved] Licensefile missing


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When i start B4A with the Desktopshortcut and then manually load a project. No problem.

But if i doubleclick a b4a file and b4a is then started i ran into this error

I´v tried to remove the .b4a extension auto behaviour and defined it new to the b4a.exe

But same result.

Even "Open with..." does not help. Always this alert.


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Here too.


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Having a problem newest update says the license file is the older version, how do I update the lic file I still have another 2 months or so before I need to renew the account.

The old? lic file doesn't work with 5.50 and up I've install all the full versions to see if it updated the lic file but no good.

Also is there any sort of support site that shows the lic info? or update the lic file? I have no emails giving a new lic file

I missed the new update lic in an email
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