Bug? [SOLVED] Warnings do persist in the logs window?

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    I had to work today on a very large project (20 services, 10 activities) with about 19 K lines in it. It was created using the version 4.30 and it was the first time that this project was opened using the version 5.02

    The first thing that I have seen just after having opened that project, was some warnings about some variables not existing. For example, I named Manager a PreferenceManager and it was printed "Unknown member Manager" (in red color). Those lines disappeared quickly.

    But each time I have made a modification in the code, those warnings came back. And disappeared. I have thought it could come from the background compilation and investigated more. I isolated them and they came from shared Code Modules.

    Couldn't it be possible to make that checking only once or to cache in some sort ? Perhaps my computer is too slow for that version ?

    Many thanks
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    Hello Erel,
    I do thank you for your reply and do apologize for the delay. This issue was on my own : my SSD had some troubles and crashed. I had to replace it. With the new SSD, I have no more "locked files" (previous issue reported) and I don't see that behaviour anymore.

    I am sorry for the wrong report.
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