Android Question [SOLVED] xCustomListView item ItemClick/ItemLongClick with views, how?


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I have xCLV and I'm adding panels to it.
I'd like to catch the ItemClick/ItemLongClick events, but it seems those events aren't fired if I click a view over it... which is a problem, because I have views covering all the item.

I've tried to disable those views (visible, but disabled) but that doesn't work.

I think about catching clicks and longclicks from the views itself inside the item, but I don't like this solution too much, because there are several views inside each item and because I use the Value object of the ItemClick/ItemLongClick events.

Is there another way to make the views inside the items "transparent" to the events?

Thank you!


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Thank you for your answer, Erel!
The views are a big label, a panel contaning it and other small ones (a panel, a button).

I think, for your answer, that handling touch events has to do something with it... I had the click event of the label declared, empty, but I've removed it and now it works... that's it?

Thank you very much!
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