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After 8 1/2 months of development, ACIMWow is finally in the Google Play Store and I am in the process of getting it on Amazon's Developer's App site (the Kindle Fire to test it on is in the mail).

"An astounding, completely automatic and modifiable, App which allows you to either casually browse or intimately study 'A Course in Miracles'"

ACIM helps you to learn how to forgive, see the world in an invigorated - fresh way and help return a sense of innocence. It allows you to view life without fear; it teaches you how to see people, and yourself, in a completely new light.

* Four different TIMERS (long, short and frequent reminders - which makes it equivalent to the book's timing intervals - plus your own settable timer, all of which allow you to create timed events ranging all the way from once every 5 minutes to once-per-day)

* Contains both the 'A Course in Miracles' Text separated by Chapter and Section; plus the Workbook separated by 1 out of 365 day's lessons

* Both the text and workbook have a fully selectable Table-of-Contents listing which instantly transports you to that corresponding page

* Although there are hundreds of options, it can just as easily be used directly out-of-the-box with no modification

* In a diary, it remembers your Related Thoughts for each day of the year. It allows you to copy selected lines from any Text or Workbook page to the Related Thoughts area for any particular day; or you can Record, Delete or Play up to 4 of your own audio Related Thoughts (duration limited by SD card) for each day's lesson

* Helps you to handle each Response to Temptation by logging that you had one; then referring you to appropriate text with course-related suggestions; tallies how many 'Responses To Temptation' you experience

* Includes a Tutorial, Questions on how to use each panel, an Instruction Manual and FAQ (Frequently asked questions)... all built-in to the App and easily accessible

* TIMERS run when phone is in a paused state (when the screen is black, while running other apps, or even when your phone is locked; but not turned-off)

* Nine settable colored themes to personalize the 'Workbook', 'Text' or 'Related Thoughts' Panels

* Over 84 pleasant audible indicators including sweet bird calls, gentle music and bell sounds or, if you'd prefer, insistent sounds

* Four different settable sounds: Main, Frequent, Response To Temptation or Duration

* Vibrate Once, Vibrate Twice, Vibrate Thrice, Buzz and Vibration-off modes

* Automated Exercise Duration Indicator or Optional Settable Variation (3 - 5 Min, etc.)

* Use either 'Wake Hour' or 'Now' as that day's Start Time

* Programmable 'Paused Mode' (Timed Events via Notifications, Toast pop-ups or Message Box)

* Last Event's Text is available for view if you missed it

* Upcoming Timer Event Queue display

* Remembers where you last were on each Text or Workbook page

* 'Glowing Scroll Indicators' tell which way the text scrolls

* Select any random lesson, advance lessons one-per-day or align lessons to any calendar day

* THEME Button, where appropriate so you can see the associated theme for those lessons

* EXERCISE Button gives synopsis for that lesson's Exercise Timing (plus doing it automatically)

* Lock Screen with 4-digit number or number of taps plus audible hint to avoid hitting buttons unintentionally

* An 'Ideas' panel lets you submit bright ideas, revisions or modifications or gives you a place to air annoyances

It's simple to use with many options to personalize it for the advanced student.

Minimum Tested Version: HONEYCOMB v2.3.7
Has been tested on the most recent Android 'LOLLIPOP' Version 5.0.0 (API 21)
Compiled using LOLLIPOP (API 21)


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