Source Code Available for Sale / Exchange (+ Freelancing)


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Over the period of 3+ years, I developed many apps using B4A. i am offering the source code of 20+ Apps. If anyone interested then message me. You can also exchange your apps.

For price and other discussion, PM me or email (abhishek007p AT hotmail)

* Only on non-exclusive license.
* You should not re-sell the source code.
* All apps are my only, i am not reselling.
* If you release on any Store then name should not be same as mine.
* Source code only in B4A

See the list of Apps below, for full list visit Play Store at Tech

Flag Filter Maker #
Fruit Farmer (Game using LibGDX) *
Text On Photo *
Quotes Image Maker *
Meme Maker *
Kanban ToDo Board *
ToDo List *
Notepad *
Medicine Alarm *
Birthday Alarm *
Text To Speech Reader
Sign Language
Weight Tracker
BP Tracker
Diabetes Tracker
Unit Converter
Password Manager
Currency Converter
Missed Call Auto Reply
Call Blocker
My IP Address Finder
Resistor Color Calculator

Apps Marked with * are updated July-2015.
Apps Marked with # are updated Feb-2016.

Special Offer - Get 2 or more apps and get Call Blocker App Free :cool:
- Get 4 or more apps and get Call Blocker + Auto Responder Apps Free :D:eek:


Freelancing - i am also a B4A, B4I, B4J, VB6 Freelancer, Open to working on your projects. :)
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I have purchased 3 apps from this user and the apps are of very good quality and worth the price I paid. Highly recommended!


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I also purchased five apps: good apps, well documented and a rapid response/delivery. Highly recommended!


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Hello @abhishek007p

I see that you use the "id" library in several apps that I purchased from you.

Can you tell me where I find information about this library in the forum?

Thanks in advance.


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I purchased two applications,, for the purpose of learning how to make applications of high quality ... I recommend him.
Thank u so much.


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why sell applications?


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Resistor Color Calculator would be interesting but .... there is already an application that powers the camera and captures the colors of the resistance and automatically calculates the value.

In yours you have to manually enter the colors .. usually users are lazy and prefer that with the room that captures the colors :p:p


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Special Offer - i am giving major discount 50% off.
get any app source code for 10$-20$ Each.

Also get some free apps with purchase of multiple apps/bundle.
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Hola gente de éste fabuloso blog:
Comento amigos que pude solucionar la apk para control remoto conectado por bluetooth a módulo arduino de 4 canales temporizados y fijos. Inclusive le agregué 2 códigos de seguridad configurable en ROM. Genial.
Gracias a tanto esfuerzo he podido comercializar éste producto.
Si alguien lo necesita a solo 10 u$s envio la apk y el hex de arduino para instalar y lo armen con toda las memoria descriptiva del proyecto.


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