Android Question Source Option 6 no longer supported use 7 or later


Hello everyone happy to be a newcomer to the B4X Community.
I just installed B4A for the very first time on a Windows 10 x64 computer and trying to debug my little Hello World app but run into a problem preventing it to compile using the bridge to my device, it is probably related to the jdk saying:
Source Option 6 no longer supported use 7 or later
the same issue could have been encountered in the past in this older thread
the thread says to use Java 8 or 11, but I am using Java 8 and jdk 14 as shown in the attachment.

Thank you.


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Hurray!! worked like a charm.
That also sorted out the other problem of SDK Manager window that opens now.
Thank you DonManfred, your help is much appreciated.
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