specifying datatypes when converting table to SQLite DB


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Hi folks,

I am looking at a means to optimize the database I will eventually use in my GPS application. The following code produces a database, but from the inflated size I think all the numeric data is being turned into UTF8 text. Is there a way to import a table into an SQLite database and specify the data types to be used? Here is what I have so far, borrowed from the very handy database conversion utility posted to this forum earlier.

table1.LoadCSV("points.csv", ";",true, true)


Con.Open("Data Source = " & AppPath & "\points.sl3")

cmd.CommandText = "DROP TABLE points"

Con.CreateSQLTable ("Table1","points")

cmd.CommandText = "CREATE INDEX points_IDX1 ON points(id ASC)"

cmd.CommandText = "CREATE INDEX points_IDX2 ON points(NAME ASC)"


In the short run, I know I could loop through the table and issue numerous "INSERT INTO" statements, but I suspect that with thousands of points to compile, such a process would not be very efficient. I appreciate any tips that can be offered.

- All my best,
- Steve