Android Question Spell Check Not Available on all phones?


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I have a multiline EditText that I would like to have Spell Check enabled.

I found this code from Erel on the forms:
Sub SpellCheck(et As EditText, Enable As Boolean)
If Enable Then
   eT.inputType=Bit.Or(eT.InputType, 524288)
   et.InputType = Bit.And(et.InputType, Bit.Not(524288))
End Sub

I have three LG phones – Volt, G2, and G3. Spell check works on all three phones. If I type something wrong and hit the space, the incorrect word is underlined in red and I can click on it to get suggestions for the correct spelling.

I have three Samsung devices – S3, S5, and Tab S 8.4. Spell check does not work on any of these devices running the same app that works on the LG. I did a Google search and I think I found that Samsung removes the spell check service, at least for USA devices.

I only have LG and Samsung devices to test on – even friend's devices are from one of these two manufacturers.

Is this correct? Do most devices support spell check or is LG the exception?

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