Sprite Collision with Tilemap


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I am totally impressed with the new Sprite Library. It makes the making of quality games a breeze. However, there is one roadblock which I can't seem to cross. It is nice to have the collisionedge event, but what if you use a tilemap for a maze type game. cpc6128 eluded to it in his thread at http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1850&highlight=tilemap. A tilemap made of several sprites would trigger a collision but will make the program run too slow. And having the tilemap in the drawbackgroundimage would not allow a collision to trigger. I've even tried making a sprite of the whole tilemap, but with the paths on the tilemap in the transparent color, hoping that the collision would not trigger until it contacted the actual tiles. But this did not work. Could someone please help me out with a work-around to my dilema. Thank you.