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what is the best method to create a sprite, with the possibility of movement with touch?

i need of a sprite (ex. a man, composed of 50 images) and i've tried with this code (with spritesheet, canvas and bitmap) and it's ok..
Dim can1 As Canvas 
Dim bmpActor As Bitmap  
Dim re(55) As Rect
Dim s(55) As Rect
Sub timerInactivity_Tick
End Sub
Sub actorSpriteMoveInactivity

   '--- display 50 images for sprite movement..
   For i = 0 To 49

   inc = inc + 1
   If inc > 49 Then
      inc = 0
   End If

End Sub
but now I need to use the library functions gesturedetector to move it with touch.

Using a panel and a static image (not a sprite) it's ok.. but with a sprite? how can i move ?

or there is another method to make a sprite animated with possibility of movement with touch?



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Search for DraggableView class.

This class won't help (it needs a view as Gesture Detector).

To animate a sprite, you could use the AnimationPlus library. It's a far better solution than the one you're using, but the library is a not totally free (donationware).
To move your sprite, bind the Gesture Detector to the activity, then check the X and Y coordinates when you receive an event (onDrag for example). If the X and Y are in the rectangle area of your sprite, you can move the sprite.
Hint: use getPixel of your bitmap to know if the X and Y are on a transparent pixel or an opaque pixel (the transparent parts should not be considered).
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