Share My Creation SpriteMotion - 1.01

27/07/2014 - 1.00 - First Release
28/07/2014 - 1.01 - Moved help files out of assets folder. Now in separate Help folder

is a tool to assist with defining sprites from within sprite sheets.
The tool allows you to easily define the cells with the main image. The project is saved using a *.json file structure which holds the cell data.


Features of the SpriteMotion tool:
1) Obtain images either locally, from the clipboard, or from a URL
2) Easy to add and adjust cells
3) Cookie cutter to automate the process of adding cells
4) Trim option to reduce wasted space around a cell
5) Sprite packer to pack your defined cells into a smaller bitmap area
6) Remove the background colour (for bitmaps with uniform backgrounds)

There is help documentation available as well as the keyboard mouse shortcuts on how to use the tool.

For an example of how to load a SpriteMotion file see:
b4j SpriteMotion Loader example 01 - Source code example for BJ4
b4a GameSprite Example 01 - Source code example for my GameSpriteView library

You will find SpriteMotion.jar in the zip file (SpriteMotion along with its Help files folder (which should be placed in the same path as SpriteMotion.jar)

All files are available here - SpriteMotion Google Drive folder
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Wow! Thank you for sharing this.

There is one issue though, You've probably forgotten to upload the "Files" folder of yours SpriteMotion.b4j project, and it's impossible to run it.

And in compiled jar file, when you open "Help" , there is no pictures, only + sign indicating that there should be some picture.

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Jim Brown

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Thanks for the report Jaames. It was a bit a rush for me to get things in place last night but hopefully everything is together now.
SpriteMotion updated to keep the help files separately. However, I am only releasing the SprietMotion.jar for now (no source code).


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Hi, I was trying to test your App but GDrive link gets this error message: "The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."

Can you check the link ? (if you are still sharing this app )

Thanks !