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Guenter Becker

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Hello to you,
I'm working with SQlite Version 3 and as known this kind of database has no encryption or password protection. But there is an enhanced clone of the native database as a GitHub Open Source Project is's called SQLiteCipher. The Documentation says that it is working like a standard SQlite 3 Database with included plugins for encryption and decryption on the fly.

Has anybody exeperience with this? I like to know:

- is it working good and fast?
- is it possible to use it with b4a b4xpage and sql library or are there interferencies or errors?
- does it work with DBUtils?
- if all negative do you know other possibilities to protect the Database?

Thank you for your answer. Stay well.


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It works very fast just as the normal sqlite
It works with B4xpage without interferrence
It works with DButils

Download instructions here
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