Android Question SQLite Date and Time: Data Storage, Fetch and Display


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Hi all,
I'm trying to manage/decide how to store dates and times in my barcode app. The data is stored in a tablet SQLite db. Eventually, the data will then have to be JSON'd to a SQL Server database, thru a web service.

Should I store in integer Ticks or text as: yyyyMMdd HHMMSS?
Which format is preferred?
(Sorting is no problem in both formats)
How does one set the data in the correct format for:
- storing?
- fetching?
- date and time format for display?

I've played with some Subs to manage all this, but there's gotta be a simpler way to manage B4A/SQLite dates and times.
If anyone has thoughts on this, or can point me to existing resolutions, I would be grateful.

Mark S.

BTW, I think I found a bug in this function I created.
The returning value is different than the incoming value.
They should be the same.
Sub ConvertDateTime(sDateTime As String) As String
    'sDateTime incoming format: yyyyMMdd HHMMSS
    'sDateTime incoming value : '20171231 091011'
    'Idea of this Sub is to convert the format of incoming sDateTime to a display format
    'Hence switching of the DateFormat and TimeFormat
    DateTime.DateFormat = "yyyyMMdd"
    DateTime.TimeFormat = "HHMMSS"   
    Dim DateTimeParts() As String
    DateTimeParts = Regex.Split(" ",sDateTime)
    Dim sDate As String = DateTimeParts(0)
    Dim sTime As String = DateTimeParts(1)
    Dim sDateTimeTicks As Long = DateTime.DateTimeParse(sDate,sTime)
    DateTime.DateFormat = "MM/dd/yyyy"
    DateTime.TimeFormat = "HH:MM:SS"
    'conversion of the date and time values are incorrect:
    'Returning Date Value = 09/30/2018 (different from incoming)
    'Returning Time Value = 09:09:11 (different from incoming)
    Return DateTime.Date(sDateTimeTicks) & " " & DateTime.Time(sDateTimeTicks)
End Sub


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MM is Month
mm is Minute

SS is MilliSecond
ss is Second


Aye, corumba.
I've been so used to typing the HHMMSS in upper case for donkeys years in another development software that I made this typo.
Thanx DonManfred for pointing that out. With the corrections it now returns the data as expected.

Hi klaus - I've been using the B4a Object Browser, which has been very useful to find all the methods and functions of each library, But I will check out the docs as you mention.

Mark S.
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