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    hi all,
    I need to convert from a sqlite date string which returns "2015-06-01 11:40:00 AM" from my server.
    I need to convert this into a long so I can use Datetime.
    We use dd/MM/yyyy so you can see my problem.

    This is what I have tested.
    It does say that the default is yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss
    But this throws an exception.
    The server returns the values via JSON.

    Any thoughts.
  2. imbault

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    Try that:
    Dim cDateTime as string = "2015-06-01 11:40:00 AM"
    Dim nTicks as Long
    DateTime.DateFormat= "yyyy-MM-dd"
    DateTime.TimeFormat = "KK:mm:ss a"
    nTicks = 
    DateTime.DateTimeParse( cDateTime.substring2(0,10) , cDateTime.substring(12))
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