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Android version of SQLite Viewer is now available: http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/basi...ted-tutorials/9197-android-sqlite-viewer.html
SQLite Viewer is a small tool that allows viewing SQLite databases on the device.
It also handles embedded images and binary data.
It can be very useful when working with SQL databases.
Setup file: www.basic4ppc.com/files/SQLiteViewer-Setup.zip
Source code: www.basic4ppc.com/files/SQLiteViewer-Code.zip
The code file is located under the 'Desktop' folder.
SQLite Viewer requires .Net CF 2.0 (already installed on WM6.0 devices).
Note that the actual size of .Net CF 2.0 on the device is about 3mb.
If you want to run the source code then you should follow these instructions.




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Using SQLite Viewer with Web Server database

Hi Erel, I'm a Basic4ppc newbie, having switched from RealBasic, and so far I really like it - very easy to use and straightforward, with some powerful features.

I need to set up a SQLite db on my web server, using SQLite Viewer to access the db over the internet, instead of accessing the db from the local hard drive.

Is this possible to do just by modifying the connection string in the source code? If so, could you give me a clue as to what that syntax might be?

Can I just upload the sample db to a folder on my website and give it read/write permissions for it to work?

Tks, AB :sign0162:


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It will be a little bit more complicated. Basically you have two options:
- Download the complete db file from the server each time and execute the required queries locally. How big is your database?
- Let the server run the queries and send the results to the device.

You can also try to use a shared folder on the server and access it in the same way you access a local db (I guess that it will not work, but it worth a try).


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Unable to Install SQLITE Viewer

I have tried to install this after installing .NET CF and get the emssage ActiveSync not found.

Howe do I resolve this problem?
Thanks Dennis


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Hi to all,
I only want to shell some info with all Basic4PPC users...

This is great release for PPC from Erel.
Thank you Erel for this product - SQLite viewer.

About SQLite, and all futures in that kind of databases...
If you create desktop application, and you need preview or edit your database quickly, you can use SQLite Administrator.
Its free software (do not install, but only copy/paste extract folder into your computer).

DON'T FORGET to right click to your database files (.sl3) and use - Always open with SQLite Administrator.

Here is the link for free download:
SQLite Administrator - International Milestone Beta

I use this free software from the beginning in my experience with Basic4PPC and SQLite databases.

Sorry for my English...
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