Share My Creation SR Score (for Star Realms card game)

SR Score helps you keep score when playing Star Realms©, the popular deckbuilding game by White Wizard Games.

The card game comes with point cards, but they're awkward to use, so I created this simple app to make scoring faster and easier.


- Track scores for 1 or 2 players.
- Pick your starting score (defaults to 50).
- Preview score changes before you commit them.
- Turn history lets you check if you missed anything.
- Fun sound effects (can be turned off).
- Screen stays awake during your game (can be turned off).
- Free with no ads.

This app was developed using:
- B4A by @Erel
- NineOldAndroids by @Informatix
- stdActionBarHelper by @corwin42
- Dialogs by @agraham
- Android Asset Studio (
- Starfield backgrounds by Ali Ries/Casperium Graphics


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