Android Question Starter Service the Entry point-First time require


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I am accessing data from remote server. Some of the part of the data I don't need upfront it is required on demand basis. To avoid memory leakage I want to access the same as an when require.
1. Can I call starter service again in this case to do the job.
2. How can I use if FirstTime in the starter service so that apps accessing data from remote server can avoid memory leakage.



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When I get you right:

The starter service isn't really needed in an app. It's good to have one single entry point. After that it's the activity's job. Normaly you have a simple event (like when the app starts ONE TIME or a button is pressed) which causes a function (f.e. "GetData") to be called.

Exactly: When you need data from the remote server, you know when (button pressed, etc.). Then just do it (call a sub or similar).

Please feel free to post some code here to see what you're doing in your app.
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