Bug? Strange Graphic Artifacts


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Hello, all

It makes me crazy since I began to use B4A and B4J.
If I want to draw an object(line, rect, circle, etc.) and then to erase it by drawing the same object with background color, it fails. A contour tracks always remains on the place.

Other moment, if I draw an object several times on the same place, it becomes visually more thicker.

That artifacts occures only in B4J and could be eliminated by erasing with one extra pixel in the object 's StrokeWidth property.

But the same problem with DrawText function exists in both B4J and B4A and could not be solved by the same way. Also I could not erase text by overwriting with spaces.

So, are there some reasonable solution for text erasing other than drawing filled background rectangle?
And maybe there are another drawing methods without these artifacts?
In the attachment there is a simple example to illustrate the problem.


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