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I try to add a StreetView to the Google Maps and have the problem with the visibility of the StreetView picture.
I add a StreetView to a Floating Window using Informatix Floating Window Class (but the same thing happens if I just add it to the panel).
When I add a Floating Window it is visible on top of the maps panel (see attached pic1) - black background, and cyan label with address.

Then I add StreetViewPanoramaView - "pnlSV.AddView(StreetVPV, 0, 0, mapSV1.Width, pnlSV.Height)"
where StreetVPV is StreetViewPanoramaView, and pnlSV is a Panel in the Floating Window.
After this, part of the StreetViewPanoramaView image is covered by google map. but the label in the Floating Window is still on top of the map (see attached pic2).
I tried using .BringToFront but it doesn't change anything.

Has anybody had similar problem like this?

I tried using it on the simpler application which was a sample of Maps API (com.maptest) from the forum and added a StreetView and everything works fine.

I found what the problem is by comparing working and not-working applications.
In the not-working app. I had the following line in the Manifest: SetApplicationAttribute(android:hardwareAccelerated, "false")
After removing it, all works fine.


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