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Hi guys. Im done with my offline app and i need to online app.
For now how we can connect in my apps? or my host? ihave sqlite database.
What im going to do first? need mysql database? httputils? teach me/give me some book by the way. im going study and learn about how to connect us to me. thanks.
Sorry for my english. Sorry for concern. i need to learn something about this.
thanks you all guys by the way.


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Cause i want my app to connect in my server database in sqlite expert hehe

Of couse there's more (depending of what you need or what kind of server you have):

Using PHP with MySql (this ist the most common way how to have "an online app")

All of the cheap hosted servers support that solution. See my examples how to do that and visit
RDC just supports database operations, with php you can do all things a language usually supports (like sending emails from your server or calling other functions like sending FCM messages from your server (= Push notifications). In B4x you use OKHttpUtils to call your php script very easy.

There are other ways, too (like if you need to call a script from another one's server which might be asp .net or similar). Then the OkHttpUtils call is a bit different,
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