Share My Creation SubBudg 2.0 - Reccuring costs tracker (App Store Release)

A few months ago I already introduced version 1, but I didn't publish it.
Now a few months later, I have brought the app to the Apple App Store.
With better design.
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SubBudg helps you keep track of your subscriptions or recurring payments like Netflix, Spotify subscription or rent, electricity, insurance.
Know exactly what you spend in a month or for the whole year.
  • Add subscriptions
  • Set a start and end date
  • See the total sum of subscriptions entered (week, month, year)
  • Sort by name, date and price
  • Pause a subscription and continue it later
  • Enter a URL to get the logo of the provider
Planned features:
  • Reminders, get notified when a subscription expires or you need to cancel.
  • Better synchronization options to simplify device sharing
Missing something? Then give me feedback.

Technical (B4X Bonus)
To get a little insight into how I made the app and why this app is theoretically also compatible with B4A and B4J, I list what I used for components and how I also created an app website + privacy policy without additional costs.
If you like the app, you can leave a review.
If you have feature requests, then you can let me know.
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I just installed the app from AppStore. I think you forgot something. It’s difficult to go back to main screen from settings.

Alexander Stolte

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  • Group feature added
    • Add groups
    • Assign subscriptions to groups
    • Filter by groups
    • Manage groups
  • UX adjustments and improvements
  • First use experience improved
  • Welcome screen added on first use
  • 3 New gradient colors if no icon is available
  • BugFixes

The new welcome Screen on the first start.

The new "no items in list" handling

Now you can add groups and assign your subscriptions to it. And you can filter your subscriptions to groups.