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i like to know what are your app features. and what special native features you must have.

menu items
data exchange phone app - web server
gui data table, view, sort, search
data input view,edit,save
keyboard input
get camera picture
record voice,voice input
record video,play video
read barcode/qr
share saved data -> mail,facebook
load/save local data
local database
2d sprites
3d graphics
gps position
street map
compass sensor
near field sensor
gyroscope sensor orientation and angular velocity
push notifications
sms send,receive
bluetooth serial
network tcp,udp
.. ???
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menu items, no
toolbar,icons, yes
data exchange phone app - web server, not yet but in the future
gui data table, view, sort, search, yes
data input view,edit,save, yes
keyboard input, yes
get camera picture, yes
record voice,voice input, no
record video,play video, no
read barcode/qr, not yet but in the future
share saved data, yes
load/save local data, yes
local database, yes
2d sprites, no
3d graphics, no
2d graphics, yes

Peter Simpson

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menu items - Yes
toolbar,icons - Yes
data exchange phone app - web server - Yes MySQL
gui data table, view, sort, search - Yes, now via xCLV, previously heavily customised Flexible Table
data input view,edit,save - Yes
keyboard input - Yes built-in
get camera picture - Yes, with pinch and zoom integrated.
record voice,voice input - No
record video,play video - No
read barcode/qr - Yes wireless bluBlueto
share saved data -> mail,facebook - Not exactly shared, but more for backup and now via Dropbox V2 integrated into an app fir the first time yesterday, really easy to do :)
load/save local data - No
local database - Yes, remotely synchronised to MySQL when signal is good enough to do so
2d sprites - No
3d graphics - No
gps position - Yes, Taxi apps and delivery courier signature capture app
street map - Yes personal cycling app
compass sensor
near field sensor - Yes stock taking in warehouses via NFC Tags on the racking, came app can also use BT barcode for stock taking.
gyroscope sensor orientation and angular velocity - Yes, part of my personal cycling app
push notifications - No
sms send,receive - No
bluetooth serial - Yes, Printing to mobile BT thermal printers, footprint smaller than a mobile phone.
network tcp,udp - Yes, TCP/IP printing to network enabled EPoS/Receipt printers.
ftp - No

MQTT - My bespoke shed alarm, controlling lighting in my house when I'm on holiday, like when I went to Jamaica and Spain this year, also controlling part of my irrigation system in the garden. I'm looking at other useful uses of MQTT and have been speaking to another developer on this great forum this week about something he is building which sounds great, I would use MQTT but he is using another solution.

And more, but I'm now going out on a quick bike ride with a friend before I drive to my better halfs house, she want me there before 9pm, hmm.

And there you have it.

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I like & use a lot:

server communication (OkHttpUtils & php on the backend both inhouse and hosted)
databases (SQlite for device and inhouse server solutions and MySQL for hosted solutions)
FCM (yes, one of my favourites)
UI: Mostly build on my own via Scrollviews and added views (yes, works like a charm, even big tables)
Share data between apps (yep, I have some apps like "take pictures", select x from the gallery and share it to my app to store it on my server)
Encryption (RSA, AES between app and my php backend)
Conversations (all data to all formats like convert a pic to an encrypted Base64 string and back plus JSON and others)
Random Access File for simple local storage of data
Lists/Maps: I use them a lot to exchange data between apps and my php servers
AsyncStreams (for my inhouse server solutions: B4J as the server with SQlite and several B4A clients using it)
BT: Yes, several apps using handheld scanners and BT printers
SMS: For my GPS tracker app (read SMSes with location data and show them in Google maps)
All kinds of networking incl. FTP

What I often do is to make an app to learn how a thing works