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Sub SetSwitchColors (Switch As Switch, On As Int, Off As Int)
   Dim p As Phone
   If p.SdkVersion < 16 Then Return
   Dim DrawableCompat As JavaObject
   Dim jo As JavaObject = Switch
   DrawableCompat.RunMethod("setTintList", Array(jo.RunMethod("getThumbDrawable", Null), CreateColorStateList(On, Off)))
End Sub

'Based on:
Sub CreateColorStateList(On As Int,Off As Int) As Object
   Dim sd As StateListDrawable 'ignore
   Dim States(2,1) As Int
   States(0,0) = sd.State_Checked
   States(1,0) = sd.State_Enabled
   Dim CSL As JavaObject
   CSL.InitializeNewInstance("android.content.res.ColorStateList",Array(States, Array As Int(On, Off)))
   Return CSL
End Sub

Depends on: JavaObject, Phone


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i want add colors to my switch
Dim SwNoti As Switch
How to activate these code (on that switch)?