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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by barko, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. barko

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    I'm try to create the keyboard for system wide usage. I read many posts in the forum about how this can't be done in b4a (some answers are old few years), but still, i do not have clue about java and i'm not able to learn it in short time. Is there any "how to" or some clues how to create the system keyboard with the b4a + java libraries needed for this purpose? :)

    Thank you very much for your precious answers in advance!
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  2. cambopad

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    I am also looking for how to create this type of app in B4A! Does anyone know how to achieve that?
  3. Roycefer

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    Looking at this tutorial:, it doesn't seem easy or worth the trouble. You'd need to wrap that Java code into a library for B4A such that the B4A class internally extends Android's InputMethodService class. Then you'd need to set your B4A project to run without any activities: . And after all that, you'd still be editing a bunch of .xml files by hand. I think you'd probably be better off just following the tutorial at that link and learning the tiniest bit of Java to get what you need accomplished.

    Doing it the Java route seems fairly straightforward, albeit somewhat tedious. The tutorial does most of the work for you and you'd only have to alter some details in the .xml files to fit your purposes. And you only have 8 overridden methods in the Service class whose logic you need to fill out.
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  4. cambopad

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    Thanks you for your link, but I am really noob at Java :D that's why I choose B4A! Anyway, if someone who is a Java expert can create this lib for B4A, it would be a great addition to our community and I would also be willing to donate :D!
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