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  1. sasidhar

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    Hi ,

    I am using tab host and i have more than 7 tabs in the main page. but all 7 when added it gets shrink. I need max 3 tabs to be shown when 3rd tab clicked 4 should appear (similar).

    attached screen shot of tabs.

    TabHost1.AddTab("ID", "page2")
    TabHost1.AddTab("SiteID", "page3")
    TabHost1.AddTab("Names", "page4")
    TabHost1.AddTab("P1", "page5)
    TabHost1.AddTab("P2", "page6")
    TabHost1.AddTab("P3", "page7")
    TabHost1.AddTab("Des", "page8")

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  2. Erel

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    You should set android:targetSdkVersion="14" in the manifest editor. It will cause your app to use the Android 4 theme instead of Android 2 theme (I'm not sure how it looks with 7 tabs but you should first test it).