table Dezimalseparator saveCSV 64k limit


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Hi all, nice to have the forum again :)
but what a pitty that the history is lost!

Now to the table:

The table should be load by LoadCSV with Numbers.
What I want to get out of a table column is the min and max Value.
therefore I want to do a sort to the column.

But because the German Dezimalseparator is a comma instead of a point, I only can load my Numbers as Strings and then a 4,3 is bigger than 123 and sorting doesen't work correct.

Is there a way to change the Dezimalseparator?
or a quick way to change all the commas into a point?
or any other ideas to get min and max value besides with a (slow) loop?

An other question I have to saveCSV.

How does it work if I call saveCSV in a loop every second to write a growing list (of GPS-values).
Does saveCSV just apend the last, new value, or is always written the total (growing and growing) list?

Is it better to use an other write command 'by hand'?

And is it possible to write Files bigger than 64k? either with a write command or saveCSV.

If one could help me, I would appreceate it much. :sign0085:
Thanks :)