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    While adding my table (v1.11) to my iphone5, iphone 6 there is no problem when i use :

    table2.AddToParent(panelfleet, 0, 40dip, 100%x, panelfleet.Height-100)

    but when i try it on ipad it is not 100%x as seen below :


    but when i use 900 as width instead of 100%x it shows correct as seen below

    table2.AddToParent(panelfleet, 0, 40dip, 900, panelfleet.Height-100)


    As you can see while 100 %x should fill all the table to the right it does not and 900 dip is larger than 100%x
    (panelfleets width is also 100%x )

    so i am stuck here. What am i doing wrong ?
  2. Pendrush

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    Private Sub Page1_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int)
    End Sub
    is only event where 100%x is known.
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    Oh. I moved the addtoparent codes to resize and now works perfect! You saved me from a 2 day thinking of this problem Thanks a Lot !