B4J Question Tableview loading 120 000 rows form a 7MB file, ram usage goes to 4GB


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Hello everyone,

I have a datafile of 7MB of data, as a csv file.
I load it with the following code into a tableview.
The code works, but even in release mode, my ram memory goes to 4GB, as the file with the data is just 7MB...

What am I doing wrong?
I know for each "cell" a label object is created, is that the reason that it takes so many memory?

Loading data to tableview:

        Dim row() As Object
        For i = 0 To List1.Size-1
            Cols =  Regex.Split(DelimiterInternal(chb_Delimiter.SelectedIndex),List1.Get(i))  
            'If we have column names, then add the as column name first.
            If (chkb_ColumnNamesOnFirstLine.Checked = True) And (i = 0) Then

                    'Otherwise, just add the data  
                row =  CreateRow(Cols)
            End If          

Create row function:
Sub CreateRow(Row() As String) As Object()
    Dim labels(Row.Length) As Object
    For i = 0 To Row.Length - 1
        Dim lbl As Label
        lbl.Text = Row(i)
        labels(i) = lbl
    Return labels
End Sub


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What am I doing wrong?
Showing all that information at the same time is really an issue. for each cell you are creating a label, for each row you are creating an array of labels so 7mb of data is just a lot of columns and a lot of rows.

TableView was not made to be shown that many information. You want to use B4xTable that will keep in memory most of that data and only show a very small percentage of it to the user.
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Since the screen cannot display all the information, you can use lazy load to save memory.

These are for list view. You may need to adapt this for Tableview:

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I switched to B4XTable, and have some issues.
First, I want to check the members on the website under "learn" and "guides", but there I don't see any information of the functions.

How can I make the header labels or fields bigger, to show all header data? (like the number of page that is shown)


Thanks in advance.

I started a new thread for this question:
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