Android Question TabStrip with listview issue

Sasuke Sama

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Im using some listviews in tabstrip and everything is good but ...
The app that im developing is for smart tv and android tv box so the app must work with remotes and gampads and stuff
now for some reason i cant make the app foucesd on the listview in order to control it with keyboardes, remote, gamepads ... etc , they only control the tabstrip pages not the listviews inside them.
Tried to request fouces manually but didnt work
anybody have ideas?


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You better use a xCLV instead of Listviews.
Not sure if this makes any difference though... I would guess yes.


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I'm not sure whether xCLV will help here, however it does worth making a small test. If it works then you will see that it is simple to use xCLV instead of ListView.