Android Question TabStripViewPager add an item in code?


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Hi I have just found this TabStripViewPager lib and its really nice, BUT! I have a control (coverflow from @Informatix) it can only be added in code! you cant add it in the designer view. I am also B4XDrawer. I cannot get the coverflow to display properly!

It either : displays correctly, but stays on screen over the drawer, and the tabs move behind it or does not display at all!

Before adding TabStripViewPager it was working fine, once I messed about with the layout.

The question is how can I get the coverflow added to 1 of the tabstrips!? (I have an odd feeling that the control may be using some hardware trickery - cos its very smooth and fast) that maybe excludes it from being used on tabs, panels ect?




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The purpose of this reply is to remind me in future!!

For 3 Weeks! (a hour or so each day) I have been doing exactly as above! I think 3 years ago I also had this problem!!!

Using multiple forms is new to me!! and I didn't anticipate that controls can have the same name! so basically it was loading onto panel1 (a hidden panel) on another form!

I was making a small project to upload, using the TabStripViewPager example, and my coverflow was on another page! (the lightbulb!)

SOLVED! Thanks!
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