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Hello everyone,
*Thank you Erel :)

We have just coded our support/Help desk page and it's ready to go.
This page will change to the support page as soon as the project is released (Currently it's a landing page).
Project Support/Help Desk Page :

B4XCode - Help Desk
The Support section will contains :
1- Documentation which will contain everything from codes to business aspects
2- Live support chat, in case you didn't find what you are looking for in the documentation just feel free to ask us and we are ready to help everyday 12 hours a day :)

We have started the development of creating an app far better than TeamViewer and Anydesk, why better? Because our app will know no limit.
The project will contain the below functions :
1-viewing client (mobile or pc)
2-controling the client
3- recording the session
4- real time chat
5- sending voice messages + photos in the chat
6- sending (apk) or direct update existing apps
7- control switch, meaning the client is able switch the view to control the server side as well

And many features but we can't announce them yet.

The project is built in :
1- B4J as the server/client
2- B4A as the client/server
3- Microsoft Sql database
*Jrdc2 technology is used.

The source code will be for sale : 350$
Pre purchase price : 50$ (1 week only)
As per request by alot of email and PMs :)

We are extending the promotion for 3 days! :)
Promotions starts today and ends in 3 days (until 2021-02-01)

Promotion Price : 50$

Thank you guys for your support :)

Release date : 30 days from today :) (The project has been released :) )

Purchase Link :

We will keep you updated :)

Update 1 :
This is a very very small demo showcasing a very important feature (the unattended access) :
The host has a password lock which means the client can't access the host unless the host accepts the connection or gives the client the password.

Update 2 :
Script Commands are now implemented! :

Below are the current commands :
1- connect using password
*By typing (-connect Partner ID)
**Then a password has to be typed to continue (-pwd xxxxx)

2- run apps by typing the package name (-run xxxx)
3- Delete files and folders (-del xxxx)
4- Tree (Navigate through the remote host files and folders) (-list xxxx)
5- Download Files from the remote host (-dwn xxxx -L xxxx; )
7- Upload Files to the remote host (-upld xxxx)
8- disconnect (-dis con)
If you want us to add more commands just tell what would you like us to add and we will work on it :)

Script Commands in action demo :

Update 3 :
We are finishing up the File Transfer feature and we will upload a video demo tomorrow.

An amazing feature (Install APK)
you can select an apk and press on install APK and it will install/update on the remote host device without having to upload it and installing it manually


Update 4

FPS ,Resolutions and Auto Re-Connect update :

1- Current FPS is between 30-45 FPS depending on the below :

1.1- The host internet speed.
1.2- The Client Internet speed
1.3- The client and the host Device free ram/CPU

2- Resolution :
We have developed the project to have a dynamic resolution meaning in case the host internet speed is low the frame rate will drop to minimum 30 FPS and the frame resolution will also drop to 10% and in case the internet speed became really low the frame resolution will keep dropping until reaching minimum of 60% of original resolution of the Host Frame.

3- Automatic re-connect :
We have developed the project to reconnect to the internet automatically without disturbing the user in case the server disconnected or the host/client disconnected

This is a demo on how the resolution dropping and the FPS dropping working together in the same time seamless Also we are testing the reconnect.
notice how the software reconnects automatically and continuing from where it stopped before the disconnect.

Video Demo :

Update 5
We are wrapping up and testing PC to Android. (95% done)

As you can see in the below demo it's very fast, the delay time is about 0.5 second to a max 1.5 second delay.
Current progress :
1- android to pc - Done
2- pc to android - 95% done
3- pc to pc - 30% done

PC to android demo :

Update 6

Below video contains :
1- Hot Keys
1.1- Opening Start Menu
1.2 Ctrl+Alt+Delete (this should be almost impossible because of the Winlogon and the windows restrictions but never say never ;) )

2- Most important feature : Screen Resolution
We already built the project to dynamically capture the screen, meaning it will set the session resolution according to the internet speed to keep the FPS transfer fast.
BUT we have added an amazing feature which is enabling the user to change the OS screen resolution in case the internet speed is slow or the OS resolution is too high.
As you can see in the video i have a really high resolution monitor (4K dell monitor 24 inch) so changing the resolution will make the session really fast and almost real time.
also the users always love having options to be in complete control :) .

3- Pausing/Resuming the Session
Sometimes the host has private files , private information, etc... and doesn't want to share that information, so we have created the option to pause the session and once it's paused the client can't control nor see anything unless the host clicks on Resume.

We really really can't wait for the project to be released :)

Installations Video Guide :
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Here are some of my thoughts.

1. The projects (3 or 4) I have seen so far are working but need to further tune the settings in order to work in our development machine.
2. We can't make assumptions that all the members who purchased the source code know how to setup without a clear installation guide. The product I purchased which is TVA first version has a simple guide but I still think it is still need some improvements. For experienced developers, they can make it work after a few minutes or hours of attempts but not for developers who have never worked on platforms such as MS SQL Server or MySQL. The other 2 products as my knowledge has no proper installation guide. Basically, once you know how to install 1 project, you are good to go for other projects because they share the same technologies.
3. The vendor has too many ideas and projects to handle. He or his team may not have time to do the support. He also organized some lucky draws and free source code give out. Unless he has 48 or 72 hours per day, I suggest he should have stopped providing new projects while maintaining the support for the existing products.
4. I don't agree the projects are not working. They are consider good quality provided the low price. What I disliked is the way he created B4A layout from code. He is a genius to create apps that way but for me it is not convenient to do modifications to the layouts.
5. We don't know one day he may come back to us. While that day come, I think perhaps some members who purchased the projects can offer a job in Business forum if they want the projects work urgently.


I agree on all points
I believe that one hypothesis to help each other is to create posts dedicated to supporting each individual product
For example, I think the Team Viewer Alternative project is a great example useful for the study and experimentation of different aspects in programming with B4X environments, and therefore dedicating a single post to support this project could be of great use for all users who, like me, they bought the code and can't exploit it properly


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The problem is, the lack of support, promise, and impossible to get
And on projects of a certain complexity, it can make the difference between being able to use them in a reasonable time or not
What we are trying to do is keep going, even in the absence of promised tech. assistance when the code was purchased
And proposing posts oriented towards mutual help in using the purchased projects, seems to me just the opposite of a passive or aggressive attitude