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A while ago, I suggested template projects as a feature ( https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/trobergs-big-wishlist-part-2-template-projects.50233/ ).

Now, we all know that we have plenty enough ideas to keep Erel occupied for the next few centuries, and template projects are something that really don't need access to the B4A IDE code base. As long as you just make the projects in some understandable dir structure, you can just zip up that structure, put it on a server for download and then everyone can download it, unzip it and have their own template directory.

Now, what if we, the users, made some good template projects. We are programmers, we solve (and create...) our own problems! We put them in a structure and put that structure in a zip here. That would help a lot of people getting over the threshold with new types of projects. Once the templates exist, perhaps Erel could include them proper when you create a new project (it's not strictly needed, but would be nice).

Some examples project types which would be nice to have templates for:

* Blank project
* Normal app
* Normal app which responds to intents
* Live wallpaper
* Service
* Service which responds to intents
* Widget
* Library
* Daydream
* Simple database app
* ...

What makes a good template? My opinion:

* Minimalism. No unneccessary code, just the bare bones of a code skeleton. If we make, say, a live wallpaper template, we don't do fancy 3D graphics, just some very basic "show a 'Hello World!'-thingy".
* Comments. Lot's of them. "Put this here", "Do this here", "Watch out for this", "This is called when...", "You need to have at least API 16" and so on.
* Good coding practice. Make the code look good, with sensible names and so on.

I can do the "bookkeeping", ie collecting templates and organizing them. If we have several candidates for a certain type of template, we vote, and glory goes to the one with the most templates in the final pack.

Anyone who dares to accept the challenge?