Android Question Test ads Work, but no normal ads in firebase


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Ich just upgraded B4A to 7.8 and installed and used firebase vor the first time in an older App of mine. After hours of downloading sdk updates and changing source code i managed to get testads from firebase thread to Work,but my ads from my firebase with connected admob account didnt appear.
I waited a whole day but there ist no ad showing.

Should ist work when tesads are working or is there another thing i could have missed to do or what have to be done? In my opinion,when test ads work,normal ads should also Work,but they didnt :(


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Ok, now I'm confused.

I've created a new testapp, only with your example code from "FirebaseAdMob - Admob ads integrated with Firebase backend" and the manifest snippets, created a new project in firebase, created 2 ads in admob, banner and interstitial and what happened? BannerAd was shown instantly, Interstital a few minutes later...

Ok... this shows me it works.

Then I took this project, changed the package name to my appname, changed the google-services.json file and the Ad IDs ... and the Ads were not shown, Errorcode 0... I don't understand what is wrong here... I want to cry :(

Has anybody an idea? :/

*Edit* I've changed the AD IDs of the testapp to the IDs not working ads app... the ads started to show immediatly... So I think there is some code in my not working ads app that disturbs the receiving of the ads... or (what I don't really believe) the packagename was blocked by admob (is this even possible and would the errorcode still be 0?)
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