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Hi all

To all who wants help to do a livewallpapers.. :)
Here is a little example of livewallpaper, the code is documented with my bad english..
This work show the powerfull capabilities of B4A, I have not include value directory for descriptions (strings.xml) of this wallpaper but this part is easy.

Have Fun

Ok, This is the V1.1 of my Lwp test, this time the goal is how to animate gif or a sequence of images.... The animated ground is from Bamiga Sector one Amiga demo :) ...

Amiga Crack Intro Demo for Act Out by Bamiga Sector One / The Kent Team / Inertia - YouTube

I really like this machine i have my old A1260 only with 50MHZ but It's really awesome... when you think fast PC running 4 GHZ and do 3d calculation during 48 hours :)))


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Thank you for your sharing. I always want to create a live wallpaper :D


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Sub lwm_Tick (Engine As LWEngine)
   Engine.Canvas.DrawRect(reccls,Colors.Black,True,5dip)  ' Clear screen every frame       
End Sub
Every tick of lwm, are you cleaning screen and rewriting it every time?
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