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Hi guys,

i want to fire the textchange-Event from a customview but i don't know how.

Can anybody help me.

Here my Code for the customview with label


'Events declaration
#Event: TextChanged
#Event: EnterPressed
'Class module
Sub Class_Globals
Private mTarget As Object
Private mEventName As String
Private et1 As EditText
Private lbl1 As Label
Private basePanel As Panel
Private colNormal, colLabel, colText, sizeTxt1, sizeTxt2, txtGravity As Int
Private cTxt As String
Private CanvasRectangle As Canvas
Private Rect1 As Rect
Private timerET As Timer
Private Old As String
Public ipDecimal, ipNone, ipNumbers, ipPhone, ipText As Int
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize (TargetModule As Object, EventName As String)
mTarget = TargetModule
mEventName = EventName
timerET.Initialize("timerET", 300)
End Sub

Public Sub DesignerCreateView(Base As Panel, lbl As Label, Props As Map)
basePanel = Base
ipNone = et1.INPUT_TYPE_NONE
ipNumbers = et1.INPUT_TYPE_NUMBERS
ipPhone = et1.INPUT_TYPE_PHONE
ipText = et1.INPUT_TYPE_TEXT
'create a button and add it to the Base panel.
Base.AddView(lbl1, 33, 4, Base.Width - 37 , 40)
Base.AddView(et1, 8, 46, Base.Width - 12, Base.Height - 40 )
Base.Height = Base.Height + 4
Base.Width = Base.Width + 4
Rect1.Initialize(0,0, Base.Width, Base.Height)
CanvasRectangle.DrawRect(Rect1, Colors.DarkGray, False, 3dip)
colLabel = Colors.DarkGray
colText = Colors.Black
colNormal = Colors.ARGB(255,255,255,255)
lbl.Color = colNormal
txtGravity = lbl.Gravity
lbl1.TextColor = colLabel
lbl1.Color = colNormal
lbl1.Gravity = txtGravity
sizeTxt1 = lbl.TextSize
et1.TextSize = 14
et1.TextColor = colText
et1.Gravity = txtGravity
et1.Text = lbl.Text
et1.Tag = lbl.Tag
'et1.Typeface = lbl.Typeface
'et1.InputType = et1.INPUT_TYPE_TEXT
'et1.Color = colNormal
'Add a transparent panel over the button.
'the panel will handle the touch event.
End Sub

Public Sub setText(Text As String)
et1.Text = Text
End Sub

Public Sub getText() As String
Return et1.Text
End Sub

Public Sub setTag(Tag As String)
et1.Tag = Tag
End Sub

Public Sub getTag() As String
Return et1.Tag
End Sub

Public Sub getEditTextObject() As Object
Return et1
End Sub

Public Sub setLabelText(Text As String)
lbl1.Text = Text
End Sub

Public Sub getLabelText() As String
Return lbl1.Text
End Sub

Public Sub setTextColor(TextColor As Int)
colText = TextColor
et1.TextColor = colText
End Sub

Public Sub setLabelTextColor(TextColor As Int)
colLabel = TextColor
lbl1.TextColor = colLabel
End Sub

Public Sub setTextSize(TextSize As Int)
sizeTxt2 = TextSize
et1.TextSize = sizeTxt2
End Sub

Public Sub setLabelTextSize(TextSize As Int)
sizeTxt1 = TextSize
lbl1.TextSize = sizeTxt1
End Sub

Public Sub setGravity(TextGravity As Int)
txtGravity = TextGravity
lbl1.Gravity = txtGravity
et1.Gravity = txtGravity
End Sub

Public Sub setColorNormal(colorNormal As Int)
colNormal = colorNormal
End Sub

Public Sub setBringToFront()
End Sub

Public Sub setInputType(InputType As Int)
et1.InputType = InputType
End Sub

Public Sub getInputType() As Int
Return et1.InputType
End Sub

Public Sub setHeight(iSize As Int)
Private iPanelBakWidth, etWidth As Int
iPanelBakWidth = basePanel.Width
etWidth = et1.Width
basePanel.AddView(lbl1, 33, 4, basePanel.Width - 37 , 40)
If iSize > 98 Then
basePanel.AddView(et1, 8, 46, etWidth, iSize - 44 )
basePanel.Height = iSize
basePanel.AddView(et1, 8, 46, etWidth, 98 - 44 )
basePanel.Height = 98dip
End If
basePanel.Width = iPanelBakWidth
Rect1.Initialize(0,0, basePanel.Width, basePanel.Height)
CanvasRectangle.DrawRect(Rect1, Colors.DarkGray, False, 3dip)

End Sub

Public Sub setWidth(iSize As Int)
Private iPanelBakHeight, etHeight As Int
iPanelBakHeight = basePanel.Height
etHeight = et1.Height
basePanel.AddView(lbl1, 33, 4, iSize - 37 , 40)
basePanel.AddView(et1, 8, 46, iSize - 16, etHeight)
basePanel.Width = iSize
basePanel.Height = iPanelBakHeight
Rect1.Initialize(0,0, basePanel.Width, basePanel.Height)
CanvasRectangle.DrawRect(Rect1, Colors.DarkGray, False, 3dip)

End Sub

Public Sub setTop(Top As Int)
basePanel.Top = Top
End Sub

Public Sub getTop() As Int
Return basePanel.Top
End Sub

Public Sub setLeft(Left As Int)
basePanel.Left = Left
End Sub

Public Sub getLeft() As Int
Return basePanel.Left
End Sub

Public Sub setWrap(Value As Boolean)
et1.Wrap = Value
End Sub

Public Sub setHorizontalCenter(Position As Int)
basePanel.SetLayout(Position-basePanel.width/2, basePanel.Top, basePanel.Width, basePanel.Height)
End Sub

Private Sub TimerET_Tick
If Old <> et1.Text Then
'timerET.Enabled = False
'raise the event
CallSub3(mTarget, mEventName & "_" & "TextChanged", Old, et1.Text)
Old = et1.text
End If
End Sub


Best regards from Germany



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To post code replace < by [ abd > by ] !
Why are you trying to generate a TextChanged event in a Timer_Tick routine?
Try this:
Private Sub edt1_TextChanged(Old As String, New As String)
    If SubExists(mTarget, mEventName & "_" & "TextChanged") Then
         CallSub3(mTarget, mEventName & "_" & "TextChanged", Old, New)
    End If
End Sub
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Hi Klaus,

thanks for your fast answer. Ok i understand that with the timer, but wherer can i stop the timer and where can i start the timer again.

I think, i have to stop the timer when i arrived the sub edt1_textchanged.

But where can i start the timer after i stop it.

Thanks for help.

Best regards

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