B4A Library TextJustify Library(Space and Kashida)-Beta



Now this is a library 4 justify texts with 4 algorithm

please test attached apk and if not appare any issue I will compile this to library

this lib has 4 algorithm

2 algorithm is for justify by space and 2 algorithm is for justify by extend(named kashida for justify PERSIAN AND Arabic texts)

And in each 2 algorithm one algorithm is fastest and one is accurate

This is similar to MS-WORD justify algorithm

And in sample is 3 option

1-CheckPriority:observes priority over each letters of the words and selects the most prefreed one to be extend(similar to MS-WORD)

Check this option if you want check priority or not to extend first possible letter in each word

2-LastLine: uncheck this option if you don't want to justify last line

3-MinLineWidth:Enter a value between 0 to 1 (0% to 100%)

By using this option if line width / viewwidth is less than MinLineWidth then that line not justified

And at last you can see speed of justify in last label (Justify Report)

NOTE: Please test this lib on android version 2.3 or 2.1 certaily

Tnx all


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