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I Know this is not the right section but with this post I would like to thank all the people of this forum who have helped me to realize my project.
Finally it's finished!

In practice it is a software for smartphone / tablet that communicates with electronic equipment produced in my company. Through this software, you can issue commands to the instrument remotely via wifi .It also supports voice commands (for now are not always listening and you can not make them so , but I've already seen how to create a possible workaround ) .

They are two months that I am boring you with a thousand questions from newbie maybe , but for me it was really important to be able to complete the whole.I want to emphasize that I have not been paid for this, I hope that in the future my software can be appreciated and who knows !

You will not find ( for the moment ) on the play store , but it is thought to provide it together with a possible sale of these new tools with wifi interface .

Surely I will remember for everyone, but I would like to thank these people with their professionalism and skill have been able to give me a hand (they are in no particular order !):

Arena Luigi
iJames Chamblin

And of course the big Erel for his time and for this beautiful IDE that is Basic4Android ! !

Thank you all ! !
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