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  1. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    Hi all,

    I have published 2 days ago this game for Android (b4a) and thanx to erels great work (Bal2Bil,b4i) i could use almost the whole code and convert the game to b4i in about 6-8 hours.



    The Big Duel

    The Bid Duel is a fun addictive game where you can test your math skills.
    You can choose between 3 game modes and play 1vs1 or 1vsTime...

    Game Modes:

    - Math
    - Bigger/Smaller
    - Shapes

    Choose between math calculations like:

    * Addition
    * Subtraction
    * Multiplication
    * Division

    Choose hardness and play 1vs1 on 1 device or against the time.
    Let your kids train their math skills with lot of fun and nice animations (Blueprint).

    Have fun...

    How To Play?

    Game Mode "Math"
    You will get a math calculation and 3 different results, press the right result to move the rocket to earth.

    Game Mode "Big/Small"
    You will get a math calculation and a random number in the middle button (that is NOT the right result).
    Now you must find out if the right result of the caulculation is BIGGER (>) or SMALLER (<) then the number in the mittle button.

    Game Mode "Shapes"
    You will see a random shape and you will get 3 different results.
    Only one result is the right side amount of the shape. Press it to move the rocket to earth.

    (Circle has 0 sides, Triangle has 3 sides,...)

    img1.jpg img2.png img3.png img4.png img5.png
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  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Great work Ilan!!!
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  3. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

  4. jahswani

    jahswani Active Member Licensed User

    @ilan do you still give B4A a small attention ?.The new wife is taking all space...
  5. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    Sure, same game is also available for b4a.
    I have developed 2 new b4a apps that i cannot show here. They are ment for clients. We cannot count on google (admobs) they change every day Their policy that hurt us developers so we need to find other income (more stabile) ;)
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  6. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    The Big Duel (full version) is now for Free only for 1 week... download and let your kids learn some math (no ads!)
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