Android Question The untiring search for an apk license validation by SMS


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Someone with experience told me that the error or mistake is the product of trying to do something, maybe later it will pay off or not, trying to make, generates changes.
I still think about the validation by SMS, although what Cableguy said is accurate with respect to the cloning apps IMEI. What I think can not be cloned (we are talking about a labor application for a limited market) is to produce an interpreter for certain SMS that allows a communication by validation commands, both from the server and from the mobile. The sms come from an unequivocal cell number (the user's registered number in a web page) which through an analysis of the chain that sends it is possible to validate an application and return a command ok that this application can continue working, it is worth To say that it would also be possible to revoke a user by means of an SMS.
I add a graphic of my thought, I hope please find something like this (google translated, apologize for any misunderstand)


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