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Hi all!

Short question.
Today I updated B4A to version 10.70.

I got this error: Unsupported option: --v3-signing-enabled. See --help for supported options.
So I saw that I was working with an older version of Android SDK. Therefore I updated it to last SDK version with files from here:

I use biometrics (fingerprints) in my app. Therefore there is a need to include the libs for biometrics via --> #AdditionalJar: androidx.biometric:biometric
To use this the biometrics jar needs to found a specific AppCombat.

In the manifest file, there is a special include for this: SetApplicationAttribute(android:theme, "@style/Theme.AppCompat.NoActionBar")

After updating all SDK files i get now this error:

error: resource style/Theme.AppCompat.NoActionBar not found.
error: failed linking references.

Now my question: How is the location of the theme files for AppCompat and how to include it again on the new updated SDK?

Thanks in advance.


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Ok fixed!!!!!!!!!

I added these two lines in the MAIN modul:


Now, I could compile and built my app.

Best regards
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