Android Tutorial Third party tool for screen recording

I'm mostly using B4A-Bridge to connect the IDE to the Android devices. The built-in video recording feature doesn't work with B4A-Bridge.

I found a good alternative:

This app, which requires Android 5+, makes it simple to record the screen.
You can then use Tools - B4A Bridge - File Explorer to copy the files to the PC. The video files will be under: AzRecorderFree.

Combine it with LICEcap ( and you can convert it to an animated gif.



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I found a good alternative
It is a good recording app, but the resulting recording size is huge at 274 MB for 1 minute 31 sec. I changed bit rate and resolution and still the file is enormous. The test was conducted on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 inch. Is there a concrete way to have a recording app that can record say 5 minutes and deliver say 10 MB with a respectable resolution. Please tell me if there is one.


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You could do it with ADB

Start a shell

adb shell


screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4 and hit enter.

You are now recording your Android device display.

To stop the recording, wait for three minutes to expire,
or simply press Ctrl+C into the command/Terminal window.