Ticks truncated on the device?


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I've been trying to improve the performance of one of my programs, so I dropped in a few lines of code to see how many ticks were elapsing from one segment of code to the next.

Running the program on the desktop, I get values for ticks / cTicksPerSecond of something like '0.0624896'.

Running on the device, I get whole numbers only.

If I just output the raw ticks value (rather than divide by cTicksPerSecond), the last several digits are always zero.

The device is an HTC TyTn II running WM6. This also happens on an AT&T 8125 running WM5 (which yes, I know, is also an HTC unit, but I don't know the HTC model number.) Oh, and I'm using Basic4PPC v5.8.

What gives?