Time Addition


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Is it possible to add or subtract large time values in basic4ppc.
For example 32:10 + 40:10 = 72:20
If it is possible how do you go about doing it? If not what other alternate do I have beside converting it to fractions?



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Yes. In fact, would it be possible to add 140:34 i.e140mins and 34 sec, to say 12:10 to get 152:44.

I have read the tutorial some time back but have still not figured a way to do this!

Thanks for your quick reply


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You will need to parse the strings:
Sub App_Start
End Sub

Sub MSAdd(x,y)
    i = StrIndexOf(x,":",0)
    If i = -1 Then Return "00:00"
    m1 = SubString(x,0,i)
    s1 = SubString(x,i+1,StrLength(x)-i-1)
    i = StrIndexOf(y,":",0)
    If i = -1 Then Return "00:00"
    m2 = SubString(y,0,i)
    s2 = SubString(y,i+1,StrLength(y)-i-1)
    s = s1 + s2
    m = m1 + m2 + Int(s/60)
    Return m & ":" & Format((s Mod 60),"D2")
End Sub