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    Updated to v1.5 with the following changes:

    - Initializer now has a Scale parameter.

    The default size of the picker is 84dip x 200dip, however if this is too big or too small you can specify a Scale (float) to resize it.


    Private tp As CSTimePicker

    Activity, txtApptTime, 1.5)
    will result in a picker that is 126dip x 300dip.

    Updated to v1.3 with the following changes:

    - Time picker is now sized relative to the screen size (so it no longer looks tiny on a large screen);
    - The "+" & "-" buttons now repeat when you long press on them - slowly at first, then faster.

    Here's a real simple time picker library I wrote to address a need in a new project I'm working on. The class is CSTimePicker.

    When you initialize it you pass it the activity you are calling it from & the view that will receive the result when the user taps the OK button. The view can be either a Label or an EditText & if you try to use anything else, you will get a toast message telling you to use either a Label or EditText.

    You can provide an initial starting point for the time picker by putting a value in the receiving view & there is checking in there so that if the value isn't a valid time value, it will default to 09:00.

    The hour & minute numbers will wrap in both directions & if you tap the down button for minutes when the time is say 10:00, it will become 09:59. Likewise, if you tap the minute up button when it's 09:59, it will become 10:00.

    When the user taps the OK button, the timepicker value is returned to the receiving view as a string formatted as "##:##". If the user taps Cancel, it returns nothing.

    There are 2 methods:

    1) .Initialize(Activity, View, Scale) - Activity is the activity you are calling from & the view is the receiving EditText or Label;

    2) .Show

    An example piece of code would be:

    Sub ShowPicker_Click
    Private tp as CSTimePicker

        txtAppointmentTime.Text = 
    Activity, txtAppointmentTime, 1)
    End Sub
    It's pretty simple & not very colorful, but someone might find it useful.

    - Colin.

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  2. metrick

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    Computersmith64, thanks for the time picker. How can I change the size of the time picker. Unable to see OK button with tab host layout. Thanks in advance.
  3. Computersmith64

    Computersmith64 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hey - there isn't any way to set the size currently. I can take a look at it & see if I can implement something, but it won't be for a few days as I'm currently trying to get another project completed.

    - Colin.
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  4. Computersmith64

    Computersmith64 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I've uploaded v1.5 which includes a Scale (float) in the initializer. The default size is 84dip x 200dip - so you can use the scale to make it bigger or smaller.

    - Colin.
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