Tips and tricks for a growing bussiness over google play


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I invite you to post here your belives upon growing on market , what are your technics that brought you some of those big installs and long term user comitment ?

Here are mine:
- I target specific countryies by translateing
- watch reviews over google play on a specific page using: &hl=<language code>
- force new regional specific reviews (advertising and promotion :) )
- test my android app over multiple devices
- do a symple UI for everyone to understand
- do organic search over app names in diferent languages and change the name of the app accordingly
- app advertising over ads company ( never did it but this is very usefull )
- improve your store listing by adding nice snapshots, improve your banner 1024 to fit best all devices
- build a succesfull icon brand
- add option : app designed for tablets
- remove any fixed bug over what is new (This is my personal belives) add something more exciting
- do a video comercial (see my thread video presentations or just go to hollywood ) make sure your video will reveal only one leg ... do not use full app explanatory in these videos as your customer will jump to conclusions just after he see it
- be resonable when using ads in your aplication , aggressive advertising will not keep users for long
- be resonable when asking for upgrades, conins credit ... let user enjoy your app before asking any rateing or money
- be sure your user will easyly find rate , share or your other apps by adding links in the app
- track buggy devices in order to avoid unwanted negative reviews
- update your possitive reviews to the latest version of the app
- make sure your user understand how to use the app ...if you feel like it's easy for you other might have big problems and unistall your app at a glance , use totorials that are simple to use and keep focus on what is important to show


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Don't totally rely on Google Play for distribution. Use any and all alternative app store options out there.
Get active on the major social networks out there. Post your apps on all of them.
Create a dedicated website for your apps.